Cushioned Arch Support

Cushioned Arch Support

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It provides relief from painful foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, strains and sprains. The  compression brace supports the arch while in motion, reducing pain while exercising, hiking or walking. The arch brace also reduces knee, hip and back pain by maintaining proper foot alignment.


- Color: Black and Green.
- Material: SBR and EVA.
- Size: Approx. 9.5 x 10.5 x 2cm.
- Comfortable compression support: Supplying upward compression and support.
Skid resistance: Stays in place all day.
- Lightweight and breathable: The lightweight arch support does not add bulk to your foot, easily fitting in most shoes.
- Constructed with a breathable material, the brace also remains cool and dry throughout the day for exceptional comfort.
- Easy to wear: Provide relief for you when standing all day, need to sit on a long flight, and can be worn with shoes, sandals or barefoot.